Summer Camps abroad

Perfect way for children to learn English
Your child has been studying at school all year learning lots of difficult subjects. When summer comes, the most useful and at the same time fascinating way of spending leisure can be an English summer camp abroad!
We have different options of camps. There are 7 countries with completely different locations from a traditional camp in nature to a summer school for teenagers at schools.

The summer camps abroad have unique programs so that a child from any country has fun and useful summer holidays making friends with peers from different parts of the world.

The best way to forget about gadgets and get unforgettable memories is to participate in the summer camp program

Price of the camp includes:


Visa fee


Travel/Flight costs


Program costs

*Additional payments: Insurance

CANADA: Unique nature, over 35 different activities, including creative and sports, learning about the traditions of Canada, the practice of English in the country of native speakers

THE USA: Traditional summer camp is located in nature in amazing areas of nature reserves, among wild nature. Reservoirs, hiking, team sports, horse riding, applied arts and crafts, dancing and music, acting and debate and much more! Gadgets will gather dust on the shelf while the child is having fun.

SCOTLAND: There are two perfect locations in nature with comfortable chalets for children and teenagers. Intercultural communication, leadership and self-confidence courses, lots of communication and exciting hikes. Don't forget about excursions to historical sites and amusement parks!

IRLAND: If a teenager does not like kid's stuff anymore and wants to know an English-speaking country while living in a host family of native speakers, a school summer camp in Ireland is the best option. Classes are taught in the summer camp format in such a way that teenagers 12+ can realize their creative potential and at the same time have fun in the company of children from other countries. Cultural exchange is guaranteed.

TURKEY: Do you like this wonderful country for its excellent summer resort service? And no wonder! Turkey is one of the most hospitable countries, including for linguistic tourism. Thousands of children come to Turkey for the summer to an English summer camp organized at hotels and resorts with the involvement of native English speakers. The sea, the sun, the beach and communication in English are the perfect combination!

THE UAE: This country strives to be ahead in everything, and of course, great attention is paid in the UAE to educational and developmental programs for children and adolescents. Only the most proficient and experienced teachers work in the sphere of education in the Arab Emirates. They are invited by country authorities to implement their educational programs. Welcome to the spring and summer holidays in the English camp for children 9+!

  • 1
    Valid child`s passport
  • 2
    Appropriate age to the program( most 7+ or 9+)
  • 3
    English language proficiency at the minimum basic level (Elementary) is recommended
  • 4
    Willingness to have fun and useful summer