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Открой Америку
с проектом LEARN TO LEARN

Мы готовы предложить 8 опций для Вашей поездки, по туристической, деловой, образовательной визе и визе студенческого обмена Work&Travel
мы поможем:
выбрать учебное заведение
оформить пакет документов
построить маршрут поездки
найти жилье
получить долгожданную визу
собрать вещи в поездку
The path you will walk with us
we set your trip purpose
we decide your trip and budget
we collect full package of documents
we book tickets and accommodation
you send us photos while abroad

4 principles of your success on the way of studying abroad

Run time/Deadline
We guarantee complete confidentiality of all personal information of the client. It is important to understand your situation so that we can draw up the documents properly.
It is important to provide the host and the US Embassy with reliable information and documents to ensure the trip goes without any problems.
We love and respect our clients who are the most polite dreamers. We will help your dreams come true.
You should be ready to follow our recommendations and deadlines. Time is our valuable resource. We appreciate your time.
We have helped to enter university, find a new job, send children to language school:
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